Step One: Mapping Ecosystem Water Scarcity

How can water be scarce in a wet region? The Great Lakes region is known the world over for its abundance of high-quality freshwater in lakes and rivers. This perceived abundance belies a scarcity of water that manifests locally in numerous watersheds throughout the Great Lakes basin. Even though there is no danger of people… Read More

Step Two: Understand Sustainable Water Use

Groundwater is an important source of water for agriculture, public supply and other uses. But, how much is too much to pump? The Study As a first step towards determining sustainable levels of groundwater usage, researchers developed a computer-based model to assess the availability of near-surface groundwater in each of the major watersheds in the.. Read More

Step Three: Quantify Virtual Water Within the Economic Trade of Goods

Why study these impacts? The impact of human water uses and economic pressures on freshwater ecosystems is of growing interest for water resource management worldwide. Even in the water abundant Eastern United States, studies over the last few years have shown that water using economic activities can lead to instream flow depletion… Read More